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Rocky Hill’s new intermediate school, Moser School, is scheduled to open in September 2019.  It will service the district’s fourth and fifth grade students. The projected enrollment for the start of the 2019 school year is between 485 and 505 students.  It is estimated that fourth grade will have between 250 and 265 students and fifth grade will have a projected student population of 230 to 245 students. 

The school will offer a full complement of academic and unified arts classes and combine various characteristics of both the elementary model and the middle school model.  The offerings range from typical core classes that exist in all elementary schools, such as language arts and mathematics, to classes that are offered in the typical middle school model, such as world language.  Students will also participate in the traditional specialty classes including art, music, instructional technology, and physical education and have the option of registering for classes such as band and chorus.

Students will be assigned to a team of teachers.  Each grade level will consist of 2 teams of 4 classroom teachers, and one team of 3 teachers.  In total, there are 11 teachers in 4th grade and 11 teachers in 5th grade.  Students will travel with a cohort of classmates throughout the school day.  In 4th grade, they will remain primarily with one teacher while the 5th graders will experience multiple classroom teachers in an effort to prepare them for middle school.  Providing our students with an effective transition from elementary school to middle school is one of our primary goals. 

Instruction and assessment at Moser will adhere to the rigorous expectations, guidelines, and time-frames specified in district and state curricula and standards.  All support services that currently exist throughout the district will be offered. The school will be staffed with educators certified in all core and specialty areas, as well as in areas such as reading and mathematics intervention, special education, and various support services.  Paraprofessionals will assist the teachers in various capacities.  

In addition, Moser is being designated as a “STEM (or STEAM) School”.  The various components involved in STEM/STEAM instruction will eventually be infused into all of the curricular areas.   We will begin our incorporation of STEM/STEAM concepts in our instructional technology and science classrooms.  

Students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as intramurals, Student Council, STEM Club, Mad Science, and Unified Sports, among others.  We will work with our Parent Advisory Council to coordinate such activities and raise funds for various school events, supplies, and resources. 


The overarching goal of Moser is to provide our students, staff, and families with an exceptional place to learn, to teach, and to visit.  Blending and unifying the students and families of Stevens and West Hill, creating an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance for all who enter our building, and providing an enriching academic and social experience for students are the top priorities.  Moser students will leave with fond memories of 4th and 5th grade and will be prepared to take on the challenges presented to them at Griswold Middle School in the years to come.

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November PAC Presentation, given by Principal Maziarz.

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